Group of FMI mentors posing for group photo.

Program Goals

  • To challenge students intellectually, direct them to helpful campus resources and, in some cases, offer opportunities to participate in outside research opportunities.
  • To help students achieve a sense of engagement and belonging at IUB.
  • To expose students to new ideas and perspectives.
  • To enhance student retention and persistence to graduation

"When you've been around the university for a long time, there are things that we know that aren't necessarily written down or easy for students to know about…To create an open conversation with students and see them be successful is priceless."

Kathy Finley, Senior Lecturer, Applied Health Science, School of Public Health, IUB

Request a Mentor (IUB sophomores, juniors, seniors):

When you are matched with a mentor, you will receive one-on-one expert advice, support, and encouragement.  In addition, your mentor will provide guidance that connects your present academic experiences with your future life plans.

Request a Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Community Leaders Mentor

“Freshman year was so full of huge adjustments. I didn't know what I wanted to do, I didn't know where I wanted to be, so Professor Finley’s mentorship came at the perfect time."  

Nancy Kanu, Class of 2019